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    Primal Nebula is part of the Primal Space YouTube channel which started out as a hobby by creator Ewan Cunningham. Primal Space has gone onto to be one of the most watched space YouTube channels. With over 750,000 subscribers and 120 million views. Primal Space aims to answer the more obscure questions about space and explain the incredibly complex topics of science and engineering in a way that everyone can understand.

    Primal Nebula covers the written side of the internet, producing high quality articles and covering even more topics than on YouTube.

    Spreading a passion for all things science

    The content on Primal Nebula is designed to make the complex scientific topics more accesible to everyone. There are so many stories to tell in the world of science and spaceflight and most people are unaware of just how incredible they are. Through intuitive world-class animations and carefully worded scripts, Primal content is one of the leading content creators making the world of science both informative and entertaining.

    Primal Space


    The Primal Team

    Ewan Cunnnigham

    Creator, writer and animator


    Social Media Manager

    3D Modeler

    Our videos feature custom made 3D animations, making each video a unique creation that stands out on YouTube. Each animation is carefully crafted to explain complex topics and keep the videos visually stunning.

    All of our animations are made in Blender and rendered in 4K using the EEVEE render engine.

    Animation of an old computer with binary digits above it
    Animation of the venera space probe falling from the atmosphere of Venus
    Animation of the Voyager space probe showing the inside of its computer system
    Brennan gyro monorail turning a corner animation
    Brennan monorail gyroscope animation

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